Kickstarters of Note: Maxwell Hughes

Maxwell Hughes Kickstarter for his new album Only in Dreams 

Maxwell Hughes- instrumental guitarist out of Fort Collins, Colorado. This guy has been writing music for 10 years and he has self produced two full length albums.  He used to play guitar for the Lumineers, so not only was he featured at the local TEDx Talks this year, but he also became a Grammy Nominated songwriter for his contributions to the Lumineers’ album that has been such a huge hit worldwide. His new album is called Only In Dreams, and includes material he has been working on over the past 2 years. He hopes to release his new album in May. 

His kickstarter goal is $5,000 and he has just over half of this amount pledged so far. If I weren’t broke, I’d probably go for the $25 pledge level, for which he is providing a digital download of the album PLUS a Maxwell Hughes tshirt. If I could physically play a guitar and had the money for guitar lessons, his $600 pledge level is also a great idea, skype guitar lessons once a week for 6 months. Having seen this man play guitar several times now, he’d be an amazing person to learn guitar from, and he could probably charge a lot more than $600 for that many lessons, even if they are over skype rather than in person

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