What You Missed This Week: Avogadro’s Open Mic, April 23

Lara RugglesLara Ruggles and Sarah Pieplow opened the evening as the featured artists. These lovely ladies played as musical guests at KRFC’s Live at Lunch program earlier today, as well. They are fantastic entertainers and have some great vocal harmonies. Lara has a kickstarter running at the moment to raise money towards the creation and promotion of her new album, which she is working on recording in Boulder at  Immersive Studios

 If you missed her when she was performing here you may have to wait a while before she is back in Fort Collins, but seeing as so many of my readers are from elsewhere… Lara will be performing at 8pm, Saturday, April 27 (today) for the Denver Root 40 Music Festival, at Taitia Peruvian Restaurant. Sunday, May 5th she plays at the Tucson Folk Festival with Brenna Ruggles, and after that show she’ll be on tour in Arizona for a few days before returning to Denver for Paris on the Platte, Friday May 17th, with Andy Palmer. 

Here’s a wee taste of Lara Ruggles’ music, one of the songs she performed this week at the open mic, “Don’t Worry”.

Anthony Adkins/ Good Old Ernie
Another cool set this week was from Anthony Adkins, whose music reminds me a lot of Hootie & the Blowfish. Anthony is in a band called Good Old Ernie (reverbnation, facebook) from Pennsylvania. Having not seen the whole band play I can’t say for sure from experience, but I’d imagine if Anthony is a fair representation of the rest of the band, this is probably a good band to check out if they turn up in a venue near you.

And of course we had lots of other performances, including comedy from Mutt Rogers (the open mic host), and from Kevin Bennett aka “French Accent” (who cut his hair short- it’ll take me a while to get used to seeing him without the long tresses). We had music from Charity Mondok, who will hopefully be playing more shows around town (and at future open mics) soon, and a set from Levi Steele, plus several sets by fellows new to this open mic (Nick, Jesse, Mason), plus a couple fellows who have been on this stage in the past, just not since I started taking photos there (Brian, JT). And, last but not least, we had a poet named Paul, who recited some of his own poetry and also gave us a recital of one of his favorite contemporary poems (which I think I have actually read before in the past year or so).

If you missed all the fun this week, there will be a new open mic in just a few days, and I’m sure there’ll be lots more great entertainment coming to the Avo’s stage this coming Tuesday, 8pm (sign-up starts at 7).

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