FoCoMX5 Recap: Day 2

This past weekend was the 5th annual FoCoMX music festival, which this year was ~24 venues and ~200+ bands/artists packed into 2 days. No one could meaningfully take in all these shows, and as much as I wished I could have seen more, I had two very music-full days to recover from after getting home Saturday (well, very early Sunday morning by the time I got home, of course). I worked as a volunteer the first evening, so I had a free bracelet(ticket) to the festival both days (plus a nifty new tshirt, & the shirts provided for volunteers at most events here are quite nice). So, I spent both days bouncing between venues taking in a few songs of each show and taking photos along the way- an exhausting way to take in a festival, but so much fun! I missed a few friends’ shows, mostly because their venues were too far away or because they played where I was not stationed while I was working my volunteer shift, but I took in a few new acts in their place, at least.

Free Range Pickins, 4/20 Fort Collins

I actually got a slow start at FoCoMX on Saturday because it was also 4/20, and there was additional music going on throughout Fort Collins besides just at the festival. I spent quite a while in a parking lot near my own apartment, actually, to catch an outdoor show from Free Range Pickins, which was excellent. On the way to the festival I got sidetracked to take a few photos of a rap/R&B show going on near Cheba Hut, but eventually I made it to the shows at the downtown venues on my festival wishlist.

The highlight of my FoCoMX, day 2 anyway, was Elyse Miller’s show at Bizarre Bazaar. Elyse played all the songs she’s been airing out at open mics over the past few months, along with some other originals from her existing album. The venue was a bit out of the main strip, so there were fewer people in the audience than there would have been, and of course there are always more people in a bar than in a records&used-books store, but there were still enough people to fill the seats. And, because it is a book store, there were comfy couches right up front- it is very rare that I get to take photos for my blog from the comfort of a couch, so I was in music-blogger heaven for the hour of this show.

 I caught bits of quite a few other notable shows once I left Bizarre Bazaar. Other highlights of the night- I finally caught Widow’s Bane, at Hodi’s Half Note, and the FunkyTunk Heroes at Crankenstein, and caught a bit of yet another Better Than Bacon show (yep, I’m turning into a bit of a local Better Than Bacon groupie, but that’s ok. They’re worth it).
My evening music finished up with Rich With Friends at Moe’s Barbecue and Constitution at Astoria. One of my friends was the late-shift MC for the Astoria, so that worked out well- it is still always more fun enjoying great music with one’s friends, and there were quite a few at this last show of the night. And, those of us who caught the first few songs of their set got to hear a trio version of this excellent ensemble, because the dobro player for this band showed up quite a bit late into their set. It worked, and I doubt many of the crowd even noticed anything was missing.

 If you missed this music festival, there will be more. Fort Collins has a very active music scene with LOTS of live local music, and as the weather gets warm, the musicians are all coming out of winter hiberation. Yay Local Music!

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  1. Elyse Miller says:

    Thanks! It was nice to have you right up front there 🙂

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