Ready for Day 1 of FoCoMX5?

FoCoMX5, Fort Collins’ big annual spring music festival starts Friday (tomorrow), April 19th. You can see a full listing of the bands and artists who will be performing here. The music starts at 3:30pm and runs till about 1:30am when the last shows finish up. Many of the popular music venues around town are participating, so planning ahead is a great idea to make sure you are in the right venue at the right times to catch your favorite artists and genres.


My picks tomorrow?

Well, I will most likely see some combination of the following:

Michael Kirpatrick – This is an artist I have actually not seen live yet, at all, but I have heard good things about him and his music.
HWY 287 – This band was supposed to have played an outdoor show this afternoon, but with ~2ft of snow on the ground it was postponed. I’ve seen them a few times, & they are always reliably very good.
Brian Kittrell – Brian used to be the sound guy at Road 34 until quite recently. I’ve seen him play with his band Rich With Friends, which was an excellent show btw, so I am looking forward to seeing him do a solo set.

the commoners – This is the Celtic rock/folk band that I was hanging out with in the KCSU radio studio before St. Paddy’s Day and who I photographed at the city’s St. Paddy’s Day concert the following day. They are excellent, and the bassist is quite cute.
Arliss Nancy – Several people have told me I ought to see this band, so perhaps tomorrow I finally will.
Escape Goats – I saw these fellows when they were playing as the band for Liz Barnez last season, but have yet to see their own show. They seemed like a fun bunch of musicians, so this one is probably going to be a good show.
The Velvet Rope – This band seems to be what happens in music scenes with lots of very talented musicians who hang out together, created such mirth and mayhem as can really only be conveyed through experience. These musicians (most, probably all) are also in other bands around town, but this is one of their fun project ensembles, well worth seeing from what I’ve heard.

Maxwell Hughes – Maxwell was the opening act for the fantastic Guitar Duo show I enjoyed at Road 34 earlier. Since then he also played at the TEDxCSU TedTalks event, inpressing lots more people. He’s one of those guys who would have really annoyed his guitar teacher, if he had a formal instructor, because he certainly plays his instrument outside the box of normal guitar-playing.

Danielle Ate the Sandwich – She’s back! I missed her CSU show in January because I was ill, so it has been a few months since I last saw Danielle play. She has the same sort of funny, personal stage-presence as Josh Groban, only she is playing to smaller rooms (and she is singing folk songs (mostly originals), so not quite the same genre as Josh)

Tara Keith – I was very impressed with what I heard of this lady at an open mic earlier this season, so I most definitely hope to see more of her. Her show and Danielle’s overlap almost entirely, though, so this one will probably be a decision made based on where I am standing by the time they start their soundchecks. The logistics of getting to their respective venues may make one of them the obvious choice by tomorrow night.
Mama Lenny & the Remedy – I love these guys, and if I can make it to see their show I most definitely will. I have seen more of their shows than of any other band this year, though, and I know that at least one of these musicians will be in other shows tomorrow as well.
Cary Morin – This fellow was on KRFC’s Live at Lunch show yesterday, so I heard a bit of his music then. He’s pretty good.
The Seers – I’ve met Brian Collins, the pianist in this duo, several times now at open mics, but I have yet to see him in a Seers show, and I am told it is even more impressive than his solo stuff, which is what he’s been doing at open mics.

Fierce Bad Rabbit – Another band I have seen a few times now, this one will probably lose out to one of the other shows which overlap with it, Swashbuckling Doctors or Lindsey O’Brien Band.
Swashbuckling Doctors – One of the musicians from Mama Lenny & the Remedy, who is also in this band mentioned it, or I’d not have seriously considered seeing this show, with so many familiar bands to choose from in the same time-slot. I will probably see this one, but it will be a tough choice.

– Lindsey O’Brien Band – I’ve seen this band several times as well, and they are also very good, sort of a funk, rock, country, whatever they feel like at the time band that really sounds amazing.
Tyler T – Another local virtuoso musician, similar in some ways to Maxwell Hughes, only Tyler’s instruments seem to tend towards electronic ones, not the lovely acoustic guitars Maxwell Hughes plays. Tyler is also one of the cuter lads on our local music scene, an observation I have already been teased about a few times by other musicians (though I’d swear I never said anything about Tyler around them, really). Last time I saw Tyler on a solo set he played all the instruments on the stage at once, a one-man 4-5 piece band.

Blue Grama Bluegrass – It has been quite a few months since I last saw this excellent bluegrass band, when they played at the CSU President’s Address at the beginning of the fall semester.
Papagoya – Part of the bluegrass band Free Range Pickins, which I have featured earlier this year on this blog, is also involved with Papagoya, and this show is on the CSU campus, which is a nice venue to with which to wrap up the night.

Of course as the day develops I may wind up swapping out some of these bands I already know (& I personally know quite a few on the above list) for new music I encounter along the way.

Haven’t bought your wristband (ticket) yet? Wristbands are still available for $30, which gets you into ALL of the shows at all of the venues in the festival, both days.

From the FoCoMX website:

  • During the festival, you can buy wristbands for $30 at:
    1. Will Call & Ticket booth (in front of Art Lab on Linden north of Old Town Square, open Noon-11:00 PM both days)
      • Please note that the Will Call & Ticket booth is the only place you can pick up your wristband after Rock ‘N’ Robin’s closes each night at 8pm
    2. Odell Brewing Company (during business hours)
    3. Fort Collins Brewery (during business hours)
    4. Road 34.
        Click here to find out how to get FREE WRISTBANDS!
If you buy your wristbands online you will need to pick up your wristbands Noon-11:00 PM April 19-20th at our Will Call Booth in front of Art Lab on Linden St!

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