Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: April 8

 1. Danielle Ate the Sandwich – “Like a King” (Like a King): This is the title track of Danielle’s latest album, which you should check out if you haven’t already. Danielle lives in Minnesota now, not in Colorado, so my dear readers from the East Coast and frigid north are much closer to the venues where she plays most of her live shows, but she will be back in Fort Collins for the FoCoMX5 music festival (April 19-20).

2. Jimmie Rogers – “Honeycomb”

3. Ozzie & Harriet Nelson – “Breathless”: Gunnar and Matthew Nelson’s grandparents, singing one of those songs that really ought to be covered by ‘someone’ to bring it back into popularity.

4. Sting – “Hounds of Winter”:  It is snowing outside still, so while winter is over, I figure this week can still feature a song with winter in its title.

5. The Dillards – “Old Home Place”

6. Culture Club – “Karma Chameleon”

7. Down Like Silver – “Wolves” (Down Like Silver): I think this is a band I came across through a related artists tab on spotify, especially as You Me & Apollo turns up only one or two connections away from this band on those tabs. Their album is lovely, and hopefully they are still making new music, though I have no idea yet whether they are still active. This song is luscious, if a bit grim.

8. Celtic Thunder – “Heartland” (The Show): Much of the chatter about the current Celtic Thunder show, Mythology, is concerned with whether the group has regained that special synergy that made the original 5-member lineup so effective. I think in part that we forget what that first show was like, because it had some rough edges, but the group numbers in that show were spectacular. This song set the standard, along with “Caledonia”, for what later Celtic Thunder’s group numbers ought to achieve.

9. Thea Gilmore – “I Pity the Poor Immigrant”

10. Jeff Leyton – “Bring Him Home”: I went looking for the kind of voice I imagined fit this song best, after hearing Peter Corry’s lovely but not quite in-character rendition. Jeff Leyton doesn’t seem to do much recorded music- I’m guessing he is primarily a stage performer in musical theater- but he does a lovely job on this song, sounding much more like what I expect for an aging man begging to trade his life for that of the man his ‘daughter’ loves.

11. Josh Groban – “So She Dances”

12. Miranda Lambert – “I Wanna Die”

13. Madness – “Our House”

14. Pale Blue Jak/ Neil Byrne – “Sadie Jones & I”: This original song appears both on Neil Byrne’s solo EP Sensitive Souls and his Pale Blue Jak album Faces. It also has a lovely video showing the absolutely loverly side of this fellow.

15. Brooks & Dunn – “My Maria”

16. Ryan Kelly – “Secret Bit of Right From Wrong” (In Time): Ryan is working on a new music video for this song, and is also hard at work on new music for a long-awaited new album.

17. Peter Corry- “Gweedore”

18. The High Kings – “Star of the County Down”

19. The Mills Brothers – “Caravan”

20. Jenifer Thyssen – “Caracolito (Little Seashell)”: This lady is also more of a stage performer than a recording artist, but she thankfully has released a whole album of songs, including this lovely gem. I like being an alto, but I would love to be able to sing with this sort of clear soprano voice.

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