Weekly 30 Songs Playlist: March 19

I suspect there is a happy medium between the super long songlists I did up until last week and this format that relies so heavily on readers having and using spotify. I actually had more and better feedback from readers of my blog last week, which suggests that maybe this format is more useful for folks who just want to listen to the week’s songs. However, this format has its limits, and if anyone actually reads the longer posts I usually do, these posts are lacking in not offering any additional information on the songs, artists and albums. I’ll be trying a few things over the coming weeks, to help offset the lack of reading material in these posts. 

This week’s list is another 30-song collection, and includes one of the longest songs I have listed so far, Meat Loaf’s “Objects in the Rearview Mirror”, which is over 10 minutes long. I’ve also included another Mama Lenny & the Remedy song, since I’ll be seeing their next show here this week. U2 also made this week’s list, since I saw a U2 cover band called TribU2 this past weekend. And, since there was so much Irish music on this site over the past week, I only included one new Celtic Thunder song this time, one called “Turning Away”. This song was written by a Scottish man, and references Scottish places, but could just as easily apply to the situation the harpists of Ireland faced under British rule for many years.

And as in last week’s songlist post, here is a snapshot of the 30 spotify tracks that make up this week’s playlist. Happy listening!


About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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