Cool Blog: Damian McGinty Fan Blog

I was expecting that with a name like this, the Damian McGinty Fan Blog would consist of a biography page with all the random details one could possibly scrounge up about this very young man, plus a gallery with copies of every photo on the Internet of Damian, and lots of gushy posts about how amazingly blue his eyes are and how cute he is when he does his eyebrow thing. Well, while I am sure these things are on this site somewhere, there are some very cool things turning up on this site as well. Walled City Records and Audio Booth recording studio are not big enough to hire PR/marketing staff just yet, I’m sure, and I am nowhere near Derry, NI, to use my blog effectively to promote their artists and music activities. I’d love to interview Darrell Coyle sometime (it really is on my to do list, so this might in fact happen sometime if he’s cool with it) but otherwise I am relying on Damian and Oran to tell me who their artists are and what they sound like, which means I know very little.

This is where the Damian McGinty Fan Blog comes in, because as a natural extension of its focus on Damian, this blog also focuses on the artists and activities of Walled City Records and Audio Booth. Here one can read interviews and other information on many of the artists who have recorded music in Audio Booth’s studios and those artists signed to Walled City Records. So, no I have not lost my mind and turned into a Damian-obsessed would-be teenager in adding this blog to my short but growing list of music blogs and sites. It’s an evolving blog that is heading in a very cool direction.

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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