New Music from Catch Bees and Celtic Thunder

For most Thunderheads this weekend marked the end of a long wait for the new Celtic Thunder show album. The album, Mythology, comes out officially on Tuesday, February 19th, but of course some people have received their discs a few days early, and already the music of this new show is making its way onto tumblr and facebook. This weekend also marked the end of Celtic Thunder’s second tour in Australia and New Zealand, which lasted 4 weeks and seemed quite successful despite monsoon-like rains that forced several cancellations due to flooding. Australia, like California, has seasons like drought, ‘wildfire’, ‘flood’ and ‘mudslides’, and of course Celtic Thunder’s tour there started near the end of wildfire season, just as flood season began. Now that this tour has ended the lads are scattering for a short while. Keith is headed to California, where he has a show and other work to do in connection with his solo music career. Ryan is hanging out a bit longer in Sydney, and the rest of the group is gradually making their way back to Ireland and Scotland to rest before they head to the US for some promotional appearances at TV stations here in March.

While Celtic Thunder is apparently cutting back drastically on their youtube presence, and is no longer posting their ‘sizzle reel’ previews on their official youtube channel, they are still posting lots of videos on their webpage, probably still including a few previews of the new show, though the Celtic Thunder website is not quite as user-friendly as youtube when it comes to finding older materials. I was unable to find the Mythology preview clips in my brief browse through the Celtic Thunder webpage’s videos, but the video of the week is one of the songs off the new DVD, Ryan Kelly singing “Carrickfergus”. This was Ryan’s audition song, if I’m remembering correctly, so he’s been singing this one for a long time now, even though we Thunderheads only just heard him perform it on his Acoustic by Candlelight tour.

Some of the other exciting music coming out right about now is the new album from Catch Bees, called Narratives from a Factory Town. This 5-track EP is available now on the band’s bandcamp site for $3. I sadly missed their CD release party (between my being a bit ill and the band not posting very often about their show in the days leading up to it), but I’ve listened through the album a few times before and since its release and it is fantastic, of course.

Thankfully, in my absence, someone else was at the CD release show and got some great videos. Here is one of these video clips, in which the new EP is introduced nicely before the group performs one of their new songs from the album, a lullaby-esque song called “On Dreaming”.

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