A Few Calendar Highlights: January 31 – February 6

Thankfully this is a relatively slow weekend for my music calendar, so far. Bearfoot will be playing in Fort Collins in less than 24 hours, and yes I will be going to that show, hopefully. I’ll also be seeing Better Than Bacon again this weekend when they open for the Patti Fiasco. Other than that I’ll actually be doing a few social things with friends, and I might actually get some more work done on my thesis. So, I’ll be busy, but I won’t be trying to pack 4-5 shows in 2 days this week.

Local Music: Shows this Weekend
Thursday, January 31
The Aggie Theatre: GREAT AMERICAN TAXI with Bonnie and The Clydes, Tickets: $15, Doors: 8 PM

Avogadro’s Number: Bearfoot Bluegrass Band with Mike Finnders & Alex T. Johnstone, $15, Door: 8pm

Friday, February 1
Road 34: The Patti Fiasco with Better Than Bacon, 9pm-midnight $5, 21+

The Aggie Theatre: REVEREND HORTON HEAT with Reno Divorce and The Yawpers, Tickets: $20, Doors: 8 PM

I am keeping an eye on my facebook feed and twitterfeed for cool bands highlighted in the course of the Derry City of Culture events. As I mentioned earlier Ben Kelly is a bit of a blogger himself, which means that every so often he mentions a band I might wish to check out further, and of course Oran O’Carroll and Damian McGinty do a bit of scouting and band promotion too via social media in conjunction with their efforts for Audio Booth and Walled City Records. The online culture in Ireland seems just a bit different- fewer of the bands I come across from Ireland have their social media and websites set up as thoroughly as local bands here. It’s usually a pretty safe assumption when I find a band or artists I find interesting here that I can hear some of their work on their facebook, bandcamp, myspace or website, and they may also be on spotify. Many Irish bands and musicians I’ve looked into have a skeleton website, often very decidedly outdated and not very helpful. But, with how much live music is going on in that city right now, I’m sure my list of cool Derry-area bands will be growing massively in the next few weeks. Oh, and for any Thunderheads or any other potentially interested readers from the northern end of Ireland, Rebecca Harkin is in the lineup for next Friday (Feb 8), at Grand Central, 7pm for the Other Voices Live festival.

Albums/EP’s recently released/ coming out soon:
Gem O’Reilly (Walled City Records)- “Teenager EP“, Released Jan 28, 2013.

You Me & Apollo – “The EP” (6 tracks, really good album), released Jan 28, 2013.

Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse, To be released Feb 5, 2013.

Josh Groban- All That Echoes, To be released February 5, 2013. I’ve listened to this one now (thanks to a link Josh posted yesterday to stream the album ‘for a limited time’) and can safely say this is another excellent album of music. I really love his recording of “I Believe When I Fall in Love”, a song I fell in love with from the tail end of John Cusack’s movie High Fidelity, but I’ll have to hear the rest of those songs a few times before I’m sure which track is my favorite- it actually might be one of those original non-English songs Josh co-wrote for the album, by the time I’ve heard them all another few times. I have no idea how long it is meant to be available, but while it is available go check out Josh Groban’s facebook band page for the link to listen to his album yourself. It does play through itunes, which my computer doesn’t always get along with, but even if your computer, like mine, has issues with itunes, this album is worth the choppy playback, slow loading, and whatever else threatens to derail your experience of this album.

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