Highlights of the 2012 IMA Results

The results are in, and huge congratulations are in order for all the winners and nominees. Barry Kerr and Seana Davey won the awards for Top Uilleann Piper and Top Harpist respectively. Among the ladies of Celtic Woman, Máiréad Nesbitt won Top Fiddle/Violin and Chloe Agnew won Best Female Vocalist, and ex-Celtic Thunder singer Paul Byrom won the 2012 award for Best Irish Tenor.

And last but certainly not least, George Donaldson won the award for Top Solo Performer in Concert, which is the one Ryan Kelly won last year, btw. I’d imagine there’ll be some suitably sore heads on the Celtic Thunder tour buses in the next day or so. The Thunderheads were of course always certain that George, Barry, Seana and Paul deserved to win and therefore would, but since only people with some level of membership in the Irish Music Association could vote this year, not all Thunderheads could chime in to ensure their favorites would win. But clearly we Thunderheads know what we’re talking about.

The fantastic musicians picked for Celtic Thunder (and Celtic Woman) are indeed talented enough to deserve a fanatically loyal fanbase stretching across the planet. Congratulations to all the excellent musicians recognized in this contest, as we move into 2013 and start all over. Can another Celtic Thunder singer snag Top Performer in Concert for 2013? It may take a year or so to happen, but I can certainly see Emmet as a finalist for Best Irish Tenor in the near future.
To see all of the IMA results, click here.

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