Quick Notes: Josh Groban, Live Broadcast on HSN

I had thought maybe I’d write this up after my songlist is up, but I just know that’s a lousy idea. After all, I also am headed to a show tonight, and no doubt when I get back after several hours of loud constant music and crowds I will be no longer in a decent frame of mind to write anything without a nice long nap, and maybe a shower.

As many loyal Grobanites are aware, Josh Groban just finished a live broadcast appearance on HSN, a whole hour-long Josh Groban infomercial in which he sang almost all the songs off his album, 9 of the 12 album tracks, and cracked jokes and answered fans’ questions, and sang tweets, and… Celtic Thunder does live TV spots, but they are never quite like this. Josh is becoming a proper stand-up comedian, or rather he has become one and just has not been openly billing himself as one except with respect to certain shows, like Nevermind the Buzzcocks. It’s a nice balance, actually, because Josh sings music that has real substance, messages that pervade even his more light & bouncy pop numbers and land him a lot closer to ‘serious’ singer-songwriters.

So, what have we to look forward to on February 5th? Well…

Brave – the single that is currently out, which I’ll gush about briefly in my songlist.
Falling Slowly – Squish together Josh’s version with Damian’s and you’d get the absolute perfect recording of this song. Josh sings this one gorgeously, except that his high notes are not quite as strong as the rest of the song (& if you know this song, you know which high notes I am referring to). I’ve heard before that men with lower voices have better falsetto, but whether that is the case or not, Damian’s was better in those spots. Both are amazing renditions of an already great song.

I Believe (When I Fall In Love…) – I fell in love with this song when it turned up on the end credits to John Cusack’s movie, High Fidelity. The streaming quality was awful during this part of the broadcast, so I would not have known just by listening to the broadcast, but knowing the song already, I can say for certain that this is one of my absolute favorites of Josh’s cover songs. It’s a tough one to sing, because it has just a few lyrics up front, followed by a very long tail of repetitions and ‘filler’, a great song for end-credits, but one that could get boring fast. This is where we see just how talented Josh Groban is, because he keeps the song moving with dynamics and rhythm, and through his stage personality.

I won’t go through all of the songs he sang- I may review more of them once I have his actual album to listen to, but it is hard reviewing songs fairly on a first hearing, and even harder when they are not in English. I loved the faces Josh makes when singing “Un Alma Mas”, an original love song in Spanish, and I really liked “Hollow Talk”, a cover from a Danish band. I couldn’t quite hear how “Happy in My Heartache” is at all ‘Country’, but it was a nice song anyway. And the other four songs he preformed tonight- “False Alarms”, “Below the Line”, “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”, and an encore of “Changing Colors”- were all fantastic. I know February 5 is my brother’s birthday, but maybe I can call it an early birthday present from my brother to me? Anyway, it sounds like a great new album, Josh should be very proud, which he certainly seems to be, and we all should be waiting impatiently to hear the album through in a few weeks.

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