My Calendar Highlights: January 16

The more bands I know, the more crazy my brain is, trying to remember all the shows, albums and other events and news associated with the talented people I follow. At least there are only a few venues within walking distance of my place, so I’m not keeping track of shows I can’t get to. Still, as the bands start spinning up into their 2013 schedules I figure it’s high time I start posting bits of my upcoming calendar, including shows I want to see and all the music news that has registered on my radar as interesting lately. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the great stuff going on in Fort Collins or in the music genres I tend to write about, so if I missed something your band is doing that I ought to mention, do let me know via twitter, facebook, or a comment on this blog. Consider this post simply a weekly summary of the virtual post-it notes in my brain.

Upcoming Shows & Events I am Considering Attending
This Weekend:
The Echo Chamber, Post Paradise,
Friday Jan. 18, at Road 34, (21+) $5, 9-midnight

Common Anomaly, In the Whale, Sour Boy Bitter Girl,
Saturday Jan 19, at Road 34, (21+) $5, 9-midnight

Colm Keegan, Saturday Jan 19, live online chat probably on stickam, free, 10pm Irish time, 3pm here, Click here for more info.

Next Week:
The Query, Levi Bagdanov,
Friday Jan 25, at Everyday Joe’s, $5 Sugg. Donation, 7-10pm

Andreas Kapsalis and Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo w/ Maxwell Hughes,
Saturday Jan 26, at Road 34, (21+) $5, 9pm-midnight
(I keep hearing from random people that I ought to check out Maxwell Hughes, so with how close this venue is to home, I’m tempted)

Danielle Ate the Sandwich,
online Birthday Concert via stageit, $5 minimum, 3pm CST, Click here for more info

Shook Twins, Lindsey O’Brien, Matt Mahern,
Saturday Jan 26, at the GNU Experience Gallery, $5, Doors: 5:30pm/ Show: 6pm

You Me and Apollo, with Esme of Paper Bird and Turn 4,
Saturday Jan 26, at the Aggie Theatre, $8, 8pm

There are lots of bands currently recording or finalizing new albums of some sort or another. The You Me & Apollo show is a launch party for new music, and I know I’ve heard of others which I’ll add to future posts. There are several albums now on presale as well, which will be available soon, including Josh Groban’s latest album All That Echoes. But this week is a bit of a slow one in which to savor older music before adding new tunes.

One last note for this post- Colm Keegan used a site for dealing with time zone confusion that I had not used yet. If you are doing an online event that fans from different time zones participate in, and like me have never used’s event time announcer feature, it’s pretty cool. I can figure times for North America just fine, but Colm is in Ireland, not a conversion I can do in my sleep just yet. This site recognizes the timezone of the fan visiting the link and spits out the correct conversion- genius.

So, yeah, this ought to be a weekly post, with occasionally supplementary posts as cool things pop onto my radar in between Wednesdays. I know there’s a lot more going on, but there’s only one of me, and since I can’t drive, I generally only visit venues I can walk to. I can’t guarantee I’ll be at any of the shows I list, so just because it’s on these posts, that doesn’t imply that I will for sure be there. But, if I do show up, I’ll have my trusty much maligned pink camera, and with luck I’ll have some cool shots of the show up on facebook later, maybe even a post on here about the show. (Yay free photograpy and blog attention!) BTW, I am chronically low on cash, so yes, if you are doing a show at a venue I can happily walk to, and you want me there, put me on the guest list and send me a note so I know I could save my dwindling cash supply by choosing your show over whatever else I might be doing that night. It’s still not for sure- if the temperature drops too far below freezing, or if there’s too much ice to walk safely to the venue, I’m staying home.

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