Cool Connections: Wears the Trousers magazine

I’d intended to do posts like this more often, and hopefully this year will see this actually happen. Anyway, here’s a cool website I came across tonight, while doing a bit of surface research on Vyvienne Long (and trying to find a photo of her album cover with better color than the one at the site corresponding to the link I provided in my songlist, which will be posted shortly). Wears the Trousers is a very cool website, and made me feel rather inadequate about my own little blog until I realized that this fantastic music site is run by 7 editors. (If I had 7 editors, or even just an income so I could concentrate on this site, it would be more amazing too, I hope.) Wears the Trousers started in 2005, and is a British print and web magazine focused on women in music.

I have found quite a few times when looking into the histories of the musicians I include on my lists or in my posts that women get sidelined too easily in music, still, and face odd sex-based pressures that differ from what men experience. Men get sexualized and harassed by fans, critics and the media, but if they have lovers they don’t plan to marry, or are photographed nude, or if they get in fights, get arrested, etc., they make less juicy targets for media and the bored general public, compared to women in similar situations. So, it is cool to see a website so well organized and professionally managed that focuses on female musicians and their music. I find all the human drama stories interesting, about any artist, male or female, but I am interested in them because these people make great music. Wears the Trousers stays focused on the music and the musicians, not the fashion, the weight-loss pseudo-dramas, or antiquated moral shaming of ‘loose women’ that entertainment sites often resort to when addressing women in music.

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