Getting Your Reward from Paul Byrom’s Kickstarter

[I am reposting Paul Byrom’s message here, just in case my blog is reaching some Paul Byrom fans who are not often on facebook. This is copied directly from Paul’s post on facebook today. If you have any questions or if you are one of the ones who has yet to hear back about getting your rewards for pledging to Paul’s kickstarter, please contact Paul at ]

We’re still needing to get in contact with a few of the kickstarter donors. If your name appears on this list please send a quick hello email to No need to send any other info, just a ‘hello, my name is on your list’ sort of thing. We just need to open a line of communication there so that our attempts to email you won’t continue to go into your spam file or be auto deleted. Then we can reply to your email with further information on what needs to be done. If you know anyone on this list, please let them know to contact us as soon as possible! We’d love to start sending out the Kickstarter rewards!
Thanks for your help!!!

Cheri Delguidici
Marcy Schmidt
Patricia Leach
Diane Harrington
Lana Wilcoxson
Donalyn Hiltibrand
Mary Ann Hrejsa
Bonnie R Smith
Therese L Cihak
Svetlana Ivanova
Kathleen Begley
Renee Jolley
Carolyn Ailes
Savannah Damoth
Joanne Eisenhauer
Patricia DeLaat
Eugene Donner
Jerri Stepp
Jula Treece
Sheryl Campbell
Barbara L Haas

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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