Paul Byrom’s Album Release Anniversary

Paul Byrom, a classically trained baritone/tenor whose voice drew thousands of women to follow Celtic Thunder from 2008 through the end of Paul’s tenure in that group, is celebrating the first anniversary of his most recent album’s release today. This Is the Moment occupied the #1 spot on the world music charts on amazon and elsewhere for quite a while when it first came out last November. While this album shifts away from the romantic crooner tunes Paul was known for in Celtic Thunder, it still retains enough of the romance to satisfy most ladies.

This album also includes a few popular cover tunes, which have been staples for recent classically trained pop stars for several years, and while many of Paul’s fans already have “You Raise Me Up” and “To Where You Are” in their mp3 collections thanks to Josh Groban’s debut album, Paul’s voice lends a different tone to these songs. As a debut album, which in many ways this one is, This Is the Moment offers a great snapshot of Paul as he was last year, as well as a glimpse into the wide range of possibilities Paul has to choose from going forward.

And Paul is most definitely going forward. Just this past month Paul ran a kickstarter campaign which successfully raised over $50,000 which will help to make possible a recorded concert early in 2013 which will result in a PBS special. Celtic Thunder spent last winter touring the US and Canada, followed by a tour of Australia and New Zealand this past spring. They then did a promotional tour in the US and parts of Canada, and after a few months off, Celtic Thunder is back on tour, again in the US and Canada, with another Australia tour to follow in January.

Paul has meanwhile been singing a show or two every so often, but without something to promote himself by on PBS he can’t tap into the promotional mechanisms that Celtic Thunder relies on. Paul’s had it relatively easy sitting around in New York while his former touring companions of Celtic Thunder traveled the US, Canada and Australia. But, having a recorded concert to promote himself on PBS, Paul will be able to access more venues and tour more easily, and hopefully by next year we can start seeing a more active touring and performance schedule for this excellent singer.

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