Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: October 26

The annual Pow Wow and a few evening concerts meant that no, this week’s list would not be up early after all. Still, it has lots of excellent stuff on it, including a few with Brazillian influence or origins and lots of 80’s/early 90’s tunes in various forms. Check ’em out on spotify, and add a few more gems to your own music collection. Happy Listening!

The List:

1. 1. “Train”- Cibelle (Cibelle): Cibelle Cavalli is Brazilian by birth, and according to wikipedia she now lives in the UK. Her music is delightfully complex, beautiful and diversely creative. “Train” has a nice mellow sound, with a few jazzy harmonica solos, cool harmonies that invite the listener to hum along, and just enough lyrics to keep this song interesting without becoming distracting from the rhythmic repetitiveness of the chorus. I could see buying the entire album on the strength of this one song, but there are at least a few other songs on this same album that are just as good.

2. “Say Hello”- Rosie Thomas (All the Way from Michigan Not Mars [Audio version]): On amazon, anyway, this album is only available on vinyl, which is cool for everyone who has a turntable, and not much help for the rest of us. But, of course, it is also on spotify, itunes, and on CD Baby as an mp3 album, and may be available elsewhere as well. The link provided here is to the mp3 album on CD Baby. “Say Hello” sounds a bit like some of the songs I enjoyed at the Catch Bees show earlier this month. This song is a duet, two lonely people who finally by the end of the song get up the nerve to say ‘hi’ to each other.

3. “Roxanne”- The Police (The Message in a Box Complete Recordings of the Police): A classic song, which took on new life when it was included in the musical Moulin Rouge! a few years ago. The collection album I originally pulled this track from was not the Message in a Box set, but after reading reviews and looking at tracklists for several collection albums, this one seemed to be the best option. I own quite a few Sting albums and have a different Police collection, but if I had to start over, I’d probably start with the Message in a Box collection plus the Sting albums I currently have. I do love the artistic CD cases and album art that Police and Sting albums often include, so mp3 albums aren’t quite as enticing as ‘real’ ones when it comes to artists like these folks.

4. “Holding Back the Years”- Simply Red (Songs of Love): One of those songs most people my age and older know, or at least have heard before, most people don’t know the name of the band that performs this one. I had a Simply Red tape as a kid, and counted them as one of my favorite bands, along with Styx, Cheap Trick, Asia and Europe. The album linked here is a 2010 compilation album with lots of great stuff on it, worth checking out if you, too, love this song and are unfamiliar with the rest of the music Simply Red has recorded. And, yes, the show, mentioned in Ryan Kelly’s bios, where Ryan got to perform with Simply Red is on my top 10 list of shows I wish I could have seen.

5. “Delibes: The Flower Duet”- Katherine Jenkins (Katherine Jenkins/ From the Heart): One of the prettiest classic duets for two women, and sung by the lovely Katherine Jenkins (plus one other, of course), this is a dreamy song in French. You don’t need to know French to get the gist of the song, because it paints a picture in sound of the ripples of the stream and the lazy tranquility of the stream bank.

6. “Daisy Fields”- Keith Harkin(Keith Harkin): One of my favorite Keith Harkin songs, still. I loved the version on youtube, and this one, while it is different from the basic Keith + guitar sound I particularly prefer, still is a fantastic song and a great recording. I do hope Keith keeps performing his acoustic version of this one in his live shows. I also hope he’ll be doing a show in Colorado when he has his own tour next spring.

7. “Holiday Home”- Catch Bees (Newman’s Open Choir): Another duet, hauntingly pretty, off the Newman’s Open Choir album. If you have yet to check this album out, do so. This one is just as cool live, btw.

8. “The Flame”- Cheap Trick (The Essential Cheap Trick): This was such a cool music video. I’m sure people do cover this song, but I doubt anyone could improve much on Cheap Trick’s original version of this song.

9. “Cat’s In the Cradle”- Celtic Thunder (Voyage): George Donaldson does a great job covering this contemporary classic folk song. It’s too bad he does his solo shows mostly along the East Coast, because I’m sure his solo show would be fantastic, and of course it would be fun to take a bunch of pictures of him in concert.

10. “Always On Your Side”- Sheryl Crow, Sting (Wildflower). An interesting and surprisingly successful pairing. Sheryl Crow on her own usually falls just outside my taste range for some reason, but every so often she sings a song that is just perfect for her voice, regardless of whether you like any of her other stuff at all. This may well be one of those songs, and Sting is of course amazing, as always.

11. “Stand”- R.E.M. (Green): Another 80’s video flashback, and yes, my Halloween costume will likely be out of the 80’s music era, so it’s not just coincidence that so many 80’s songs are on my mind this week. This video is always lumped in with Belinda Carlile’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth” and Paul Simon’s “Call Me Al” video with Chevy Chase. I don’t remember the dance that goes with this song, the one that is in the video, but I may look it up on youtube later.

12. “Fool”- Danielle Ate the Sandwich (Two Bedroom Apartment): Another of my favorites from Danielle’s songs. Danielle is doing a concert online tomorrow (October 28) which sounds like a potentially cool idea. If Ryan Kelly or Neil Byrne or George Donaldson or Paul Byrom were to do an online concert they could ‘be’ everywhere their fans are simultaneously. I’m not sure how easy it is to make work, and if fans have a hard time streaming the show it might backfire a bit, but $5 is a lot cheaper than the $40-200+ fans spend per person now to see a show with these men performing on stage. I’ll be tutoring during Danielle’s show, but if not I’d be watching just to see how this online concert idea works in practice. (Though of course I can’t get a hug from Ryan or Neil if they are just on the internet broadcasting from many miles away.)

13. “Song of the Sabia (Soprano Saxophone solo)”- Antonio Carlos Jobim, Mario Marzi, Federico Sanesi (A.C. Jobim- East Travel):

14. “The Wee Weaver”- Shauna Mullin (Wishing Tree) An old English folk tune nicely rendered. I’ve heard a few versions of this song, and this one is particularly fun to sing without being to complicated.

15. “Canto de Iemanja”- Mia Doi Todd (Cosmic Ocean Ship)

16. “Chasing After Things (We Don’t Know the Names)”- Fierce Bad Rabbit (Spools of Thread): One of my favorites from this band. The rhythm on this one is just right that when they play it live, they get the whole audience moving in swells along with the music. It was a bit loud, especially standing right up front with no earplugs, but cool music is cool even at that volume 🙂

17. “Come As You Are”- Caetano Veloso (A Foreign Sound): A cover by a Brazillian singer of a song I heard covered last night in close to its original form. It might take some getting used to if you listened to the original version much, but just as with Neil Byrne’s soft ballad version of Madonna’s “Cherish”, this different take on a grunge rock classic is actually really really good.

18. “Wide River to Cross”- Diana Krall (Glad Rag Doll): One of the artists signed to Verve in its current incarnation under David Foster. This is a song from the album Ms. Krall has put out with Verve this year.

19. “You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You”- Jamie Cullum, Geoff Gascoyne, Sebastian de Krom (Pointless Nostalgia):

20. “Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)”- Paul Byrom ( This is the Moment): A cover of yet another classic 80’s tune, but this time from one of my favorite music people, a fellow who has just about wrapped up a successful kickstarter. With any luck Paul Byrom will be seen next year on a PBS channel in your area after he finishes recording his PBS special next March. And, if he’ll be selling a DVD with that PBS campaign, we’ll all get to see him in concert one way or another.

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