Music to Soothe The Soul

An interesting and entertaining question came up this week in conversation- do music bloggers get to a point where they turn off all music when they are not ‘working’? Certainly I find that the more seriously I take ‘being a music blogger’, the more I devote time to listening to new music, rather than just listening to what I want. I hear hundreds of new songs a week, and only the great ones make it onto my playlists. The music is almost always on when I am awake and at home, and if I am alone at the office it is on there as well. I do mix in old favorites with the new stuff, in part so that the great songs stand out- I want the songs that hold their own against my established favorites, after all.

Most of my friends may listen to a few hours of music per week, so the friend I was chatting with naturally assumed that when I am taking a break from my ‘work’ as a blogger, I would turn the music off entirely, as a rule. Actually, though, when I get to where all the new music sounds the same and it’s all annoying, I start making special playlists of absolute favorite songs, and for the rest of the day, those are the songs I listen to, till I feel better and can handle new music again. So, today’s 10 songs for Tuesday playlist is the top ten songs I throw onto these therapy playlists. These are some of the tunes and the voices that keep me going and remind me of why I want to work in music at all.

1. “Mr. Blue Sky”, Neil Byrne, from the Pale Blue Jak album, Faces.
2. “Tears of Hercules”, from Keith Harkin’s self-titled debut album.
3. “Let Me Fall”, off of Josh Groban’s self-titled debut album.
4. “Not a Dry Eye in the House”, Meat Loaf, off of Welcome to the Neighborhood (though I love Rhydian Roberts’ cover of this one too)
5. “Me and Charlie Talking”, Miranda Lambert, off the album Kerosene
6. “Don’t Stop Me Now”, Queen, off the album Jazz
7. “Thunderbird”, Quiet Riot, off their album Metal Health
8. “Rainbow Connection”, Kermit the Frog (not sure what album this one can be found on, actually)
9. “Just a Song at Twilight”, Celtic Thunder (Paul Byrom and Damian McGinty)
10. “Amazing Grace”, Celtic Thunder (specifically with Ryan Kelly and Keith Harkin singing the first few bars) This one’s the song I put on if I only have time for one.

Listening to a playlist like this one is magic, and by the time the last notes fade away, all is once again right with the world, at least for a while. There’s lots more great music to discover, but for tonight, these are the songs I’m immersing myself in. 🙂

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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