In Lieu of a (Timely) Songlist

Sadly there is no way to add extra hours to the tail ends of days, so since I spent most of the evening at a concert and a graduate student social event, I’ll have to finish the new songlist post a day late. (oh no! Whatever shall the world do without a new ravenmount playlist?) There are 280 songs now, total, listed in my weekly playlists, so unless you want to listen to the whole list straight through, that huge collection of songs ought to keep just about anyone occupied happily for a while. Here’s a nifty link that will take you to all the posts on the ravenmount blog tagged as ‘Weekly 20 Songs List’. I’ll be singing at a choir dress rehearsal tomorrow morning, so if it takes me longer to get the songlist up than it takes you to browse the old lists, check out a few of the great whole albums on the list below, all of course available on spotify:

Katie Glassman- Snapshot
Keith Harkin- Keith Harkin
Catch Bees- Newman’s Open Choir
The Real Tuesday Weld- I, Lucifer
Barry Kerr- The Three Sisters
Bodega- Bodega
Danielle Ate the Sandwich- Like a King
Guillaume Cantillon- Des Ballons Rouges
Jerry Douglas- Traveler
Shel- Shel

All of these albums are excellent, well worth listening to in their entirety.

Happy Listening! (Check back in ~24hrs for the new list of 20 great songs!)

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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