Congrats to Keith Harkin and Paul Byrom

As many of their fans are aware, even without the benefit of my blog, Paul Byrom has been doing a kickstarter campaign to raise money for his upcoming PBS recording. Keith Harkin released his debut solo album with Verve Records last month. And, while Paul’s posted figures don’t yet reflect his kickstarter success, both of these excellent musicians have had a very successful month. Paul’s kickstarter now sits at roughly $41,000, which is of course still $9,000 short of his target, but there are finally some groups finalizing private concert monies, and once just one of these actually posts their donation onto the ickstarter site Paul will have met his minimum goal. As of now, St. Louis is the only city reporting that they have their 40 people/ $10,000 to donate to the project. (The promo gift for donors who contribute $10,000 is a private Paul Byrom concert for up to 40 people, which has generally translated to groups of 40 people each putting in a few hundred dollars to reach that $10,000.)

Of course, the more money Paul gets donated, the better his show can be when he records his PBS special sometime around March. And, since $250 is a decent price for a ticket + meet&greet, especially for a show with only 39 other people, I’m sure there are many other Paul Byrom fans recognizing the great opportunity they could enjoy in joining one of the remaining city groups to fund more of these private concerts. I’d imagine, since the next two cities likely to reach 40 people are Chicago and Vancouver, it might be best if Paul gets a bit more than his $50,000 donated so that his travel expenses for these promo shows don’t start eating into his PBS funds. Sadly, Fort Collins is nowhere near any of the cities that have groups setting up private shows, and I am still sans income anyway, so no private show for me. But for folks in Chicago, Connecticut, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Virginia, NY area, Vancouver, or Philadelphia, there are still seats available for these private shows. Check out Paul’s kickstarter page and click on the ‘updates’ tab to get more information about private show groups in these areas.

Keith Harkin has a tour coming up after the Celtic Thunder Australian tour, so he’s dealing with slightly different challenges this year, but he too has reason to celebrate this week. Keith’s solo album is not just topping the world music chart on amazon, but is the top rated pop album on amazon now. I have no idea whether this means he’s rolling in money now or just barely paying off all his debts from making his album- certainly he’ll also have expenses on tour that his revenues from album sales and touring will have to offset, so he may not be coasting just yet. But, for this weekend Keith’s hanging out at the top, in ratings if not in sales, and hopefully he’ll stay there a long while. And, while the staggered release date that launched his album may have drained some of its sales momentum, there’s still ample time to get Keith Harkin’s self-titled debut album to the number one spot on amazon and elsewhere for pop or for music sales in general.

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