Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: October 12

Not many languages this week, but what this list lacks in linguistic diversity it makes up for in its range of genres. There is of course another song from Keith Harkin’s new album, and another from Darrell Coyle, and I’ve included tunes by Patrick Dethlefs and Danielle Ate the Sandwich that I mentioned earlier as my favorites from them. Also, after a few weeks of not including Celtic Thunder tunes, I’ve once again added in one of their classics. I am still hoping that Amazing Grace was left off of the current tour’s songlist by sheer accident, so that I can hear Keith and Ryan on that intro when I see them in November, but if it really isn’t a possibility for their Denver show, I’d be cool with hearing “Take Me Home” or “Steal Away”, I suppose, or any of a rather long list of tunes, really (“Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Song for the Mira”, …). But, realizing I have not added all my favorites from my ‘requests’ list to these playlists yet, “Take Me Home” is included this week. I also somehow have managed to not add any Europe for 13 whole weeks, so my absolute favorite Europe song is on this week’s list, along with some Danny Kaye, and some blues, jazz, gospel, bluegrass and classic rock. Happy Listening!

The List:

1. “Crocodile Rock”- Elton John (Rocket Man- Number Ones). This has always been a song I’ve put on to cheer me up, ever since middle school or earlier.

2. “Rise”- Bad Brad & The Sipsey Slims (Slim Pickins) Not the same ‘Bad Brad’ as the one in my earlier posts, but this guy’s pretty good too. The one in my earlier posts and photos is a Colorado artist, while this one, according to CD Baby, is from Alabama.

3. “Misery Is the River”- Camille O’Sullivan (Live @ The Olympia).

4. “Fall & Rise”- Patrick Dethlefs (Fall & Rise)

5. “You”- Darrell Coyle (My My My) Still my favorite off Darrell’s EP, and I hope he’s starting to plan for a longer next album, ’cause I only have 2 more songs left to add to these lists until he releases more. (This is incidentally somewhat why Neil Byrne is not featured more often on these lists- his 4-song EP is on spotify, but his Pale Blue Jak album is not, so I only have 4 of his solo songs to choose from.)

6. “Craigieburn Wood”- Emily Smith, Jamie McClennan (Adoon Winding Nith).

7. “Long Black Veil”- Harry Manx (Bread and Buddha)

8. “Ancient Sea”- Elephant Revival (Break in the Clouds).

9. “You Don’t Have to Move That Mountain”- Nickle Creek (Reasons Why (The Very Best))

10. “Little White Duck”- Danny Kaye (Remember Danny Kaye). This one is classic Danny Kaye, but also reminds me of the cartoon sketches Neil Byrne has been posting on his Pale Blue Jak page. So, blame Neil for this one, if you like. He’s up to something, for sure, so no doubt I’ll be blogging about him and his Pale Blue Jak project again soon.

11. “We Are Hot Dogs”- Danielle Ate the Sandwich (Two Bedroom Apartment). A silly-sounding title, but a surprisingly complex song- one of my favorites of Danielle’s songs.

12. “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”- The Celebration Gospel Choir (Africa 2 America- Live) One of the best recordings of this song, and lots of fun to sing along to.

13. “Take Me Home”- Celtic Thunder (Take Me Home) The way these guys harmonize together it’s hard to believe they were not all friends making music together long before they started singing as Celtic Thunder. And, as they add new members they somehow still maintain this amazing synergy.

14. “Long Black Train”- Josh Turner (Long Black Train) My favorite song off of one of Josh Turner’s early albums. He looks very young in the music video for this song, but with that lovely deep voice he’s been improving on every year since.

15. “The Winner Takes It All”- Michael Ball (Centre Stage) One of Michael Ball’s songs that really highlights what makes his voice so addictively luscious.

16. “Santa Monica”- Hothouse Flowers (Into Your Heart) Another Hothouse Flowers tune. This band is the one whose song “Don’t Go” I really hope Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne might record on an album of some sort. Actually I would love to see an Acoustic by Candlelight album, live or a studio recording. Hothouse Flowers was pretty popular in Ireland a while back, but is relatively unheard of in the US.

17. “(still) Terminally Ambivalent Over You”- Real Tuesday Weld (I, Lucifer) Dance pop? My younger sister discovered Real Tuesday Weld when she was buying random discs from the cheap bin at the downtown music shop years ago, and when she got bored with some of her discs I Lucifer was among the ones she sent to me to listen to. It’s one of those albums that tells a story through the whole album, so it’s well worth listening to in its entirety.

18. “On Broken Wings”- Europe (1982-1992) This song was not released on any of the Europe studio albums, but was on their VHS tape for their Final countdown tour, which I grew up watching. I love this song, and have since 3rd grade when I first heard it, so I was thrilled to find that it is on a compilation album which is available on spotify. Europe was my absolute favorite band for most of my childhood, so expect more in lists to come.

19. “Tell Him (Duet with Barbara Streisand)”- Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand (The Essential Celine Dion)

20. “Take It Away Boys”- Keith Harkin (Keith Harkin) An anthemic tune dripping with optimism and energy- great accompaniment for chores, writing one’s thesis, etc. (Though sadly this song still can’t replace the need for sleep.) This song is also the one Keith used as the first full song promo video for his album, so there’s still a cute video for this song on Keith Harkin’s youtube channel.

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