10 for Tuesday Playlist #1, Beginnings/Endings

My sister and I were chatting about playlists and the songs I was browsing through the other day, coming up with themes that would be fun or funny. But, while focusing in on duets or female vocals or bands with fiddles would be ok for an occasional 20 Songs List, I want to keep the overall focus of those lists on finding a nicely diverse array of great songs. So, why not do a shorter, less involved list earlier in the week with a theme, my sister asked. (I’ve heard nothing really either way about the value of putting links and album covers up with my lists, and I like the end result of all that for the Friday lists, but those take forever to put together, so unless I get requests for it, these’ll be bare lists of songs available on spotify.) So, this week I’m trying this out. This week’s theme? Beginnings and Endings. Each song title ends with the word that the next song title begins with.

10 Songs List (With one extra song so that the game makes a tidy loop)
1. This Have I Done for My True Love, by Chanticleer
2. Love Me Tonight, by Great Big Sea
3. Tonight’s the Kind of Night, by Noah and the Whale
4. Night on the River, by the Infamous Stringdusters
5. River Runs Deep, by Eric Clapton
6. Deep River Woman, by Lionel Ritchie and Little Big Town
7. Woman King, by Iron and Wine
8. King of Hearts, by Cassie
9. Hearts Burst into Fire, by Bullet for My Valentine
10. Fire and Rain, by Birdy
11. U Can’t Touch This, by MC Hammer

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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