Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: October 5

This week’s list brings a few classics into my playlist, along with some lesser-known songs by classic artists. In addition, this week again features a song off Keith Harkin’s debut album, and also debuts Darrell Coyle’s new EP with the song “Everybody Breaks”. Darrell is the first artist to emerge from Damian McGinty’s label, and I think Damian and Oran made an excellent choice in Darrell Coyle. This week’s list has a bit of a pattern, since this weekend the event I am involved with is Spokesbuzz’s BandSwap, which paired up bands from Fort Collins with bands from elsewhere. This week’s list thus features 10 duets. (Really I just had a lot of duets I wanted to add, and it seemed like a fun idea.) Happy Listening!

The List:

1. “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You”- Keith Harkin, Colbie Caillat (Keith Harkin).

2. “These Four Walls”- Shawn Colvin (These Four Walls)

3. “What If feat. Idina Menzel”- Rhydian (Rhydian).

4. “Gone to Fortingall”- Jerry Douglas (Traveler)

5. “Timeless (duet with Kelly Clarkson)”- Justin Guarini (Justin Guarini)

6. “Snakes in the Grass”- Duke Special (Song for the Road).

7. “Sad Sol- You, My Destiny”- Mahsa Vahdat, Sarah Jane Morris (Lullabies From the Axis of Evil)

8. “On the Other Side”- Leftover Salmon (The Nashville Sessions).

9. “Close My Eyes Forever”- Lita Ford, Ozzy Osborne (Lita)

10. “Take Care of Yourself”- Teddy Thompson (Bella). I loved Damian McGinty’s version of this song, which he sang for Glee, but this one’s good too.

11. “Let the Good Times Roll- Featuring B.B. King”- Brad Paisley, B.B. King (Play).

12. “Everybody Breaks”- Darrell Coyle (My My My)

13. “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us”- Alison Krauss, Robert Plant (Raising Sand)

14. “Burning in the Skies”- Linkin Park (A Thousand Suns)

15. “Who Says You Can’t Go Home- Duet Version”- Bon Jovi, Jennifer Nettles (Have a Nice Day)

16. “A Whiter Shade of Pale”- Bonnie Tyler (It’s a Heartache)

17. “Full Steam”- David Gray, Annie Lennox (Draw the Line)

18. “Like Minded Fool”- SHEL (SHEL)

19. “After All (Love Theme from Chances Are)”- Peter Cetera, Cher (Chronicles)

20. “Weary Travelers”- If Birds Could Fly (No Place to Roam)

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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