Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: September 28

The List for this week highlights several of the musicians who make up the Union Station part of Alison Krauss’s group- Dan Tyminski and Jerry Douglas. Keith Harkin shows up again, of course, with yet another great song off his long awaited new album. I also included one of the artists I ‘discovered’ via Keith, Paolo Nutini, whose songs have been featured on some of the earlier lists, but not for a while. This week’s list spans a pretty wide range of genres, including country, bluegrass, jazz, blues, pop and rock, and also includes several songs in Irish or by Irish artists, since this weekend I am working at the Rocky Mountain Irish Festival here in Fort Collins. As always, Happy Listening!

The List:

1. “Fireflies”- Eddi Reader (Love Is the Way).

2. “Sweet Lover of Mine”- Emily Smith (Traiveller’s Joy) One of my new favorite singers, and one of my favorite songs off her albums.

3. “Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere”- Dan Tymikski (Carry Me Across the Mountain).

4. “Desafinado”- George Michael with Astrud Gilberto (Ladies and Gentlemen… The Best of George Michael) A different side of George Michael

5. “Flesh and Blood Dance”- Duke Special (I Never Thought This Day Would Come)

6. “Song for the Road”- David Ford (Song for the Road).

7. “Storm King”- Dar Williams (In the Time of Gods)

8. “10/10”- Paolo Nutini (Sunny Side Up).

9. “The Radio Blues”- Greensky Bluegrass (Tuesday Letter)

10. “An Bauchaillin Ban”- Iarla O Lionaird (Invisible Fields)

11. “Never Tear us Apart”- INXS (Shine Like It Does: The Anthology (1979-1997)). One of those anthemic tunes everyone who lived through the 80’s sings along to by sheer instinct.

12. “The Grabtown Grapple”- After Midnight (Autumn Leaves) Some upbeat clarinet jazz from one of the best local jazz groups in Colorado.

13. “Cry Me a River”- Aerosmith (Rock In a Hard Place) A very cool cover of a lovely classic song.

14. “Sna Broga Seo”- Camille O’Sullivan (Ceol ’09)

15. “Raggle Taggle Gypsy”- Celtic Thunder (Act II) This is the song with the ‘drum war’ which inspired me to buy a bodhran.

16. “The Boxer”- Jerry Douglas, Mumford & Sons, Paul Simon (Traveler) This song, performed by Jerry Douglas and Mumford & Sons, and Paul Simon would always be an amazing musical event.

17. “Firethief”- Karine Polwart (This Earthly Spell)

18. “Come What May”- Alfie Boe, Kerry Ellis, James Morgan (Bring Him Home) Two powerful and beautiful voices paired on one of the prettiest contemporary duet love songs.

19. “Hemingway’s Whiskey”- Kenny Chesney (Hemingway’s Whiskey) The title track off yet another great album from Kenny Chesney, contemplative and yet suitable for lounging happily on the porch for a day off.

20. “Nothing But You & I”- Keith Harkin (Keith Harkin) One of the songs on Keith’s album that most of the fans on tumblr latched onto right away as a favorite, this one’s a very nice love song.

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