Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: September 21

This week’s 20 songs start the second batch of songs for my 200 song ‘Accumulated List’ playlists, since this week is the 11th for this playlist project. Included this week are a Welsh group that was featured on a Welsh media tumblr I follow, a band I saw last weekend that is an instant favorite with all my friends who saw their show, and a wide assortment of songs I discovered through spotify, with a few old favorites thrown in. I’m trying a new format, including album covers for each song, hopefully an improvement. Happy Listening!

The List:

1. “The Battle of Evermore”- SHEL (SHEL). Four very talented sisters, with a unique and addictively gorgeous sound, covering Led Zeppelin. I saw this group live in Fort Collins recently and they are just as good, if not better, live.

2. “Head Honcho”- Devotchka (A Mad and Faithful Telling)

3. “Ar Gyfer Heddiw’r Bore”- Brigyn (Plygain). A group that was featured a while back on a Welsh tumblr’s post that caught my attention.

4. “My Love Follows You Where You Go”- Alison Krauss & Union Station (Paper Airplane)

5. “Old Alabama (featuring Alabama)”- Brad Paisley (This Is Country Music)

6. “Soledad”- Westlife (Coast to Coast). Not a band I usually go for, but I actually do like this song.

7. “Shine”- Justin Roth (Shine)

8. “Anybody Else”- Mama Lenny & The Remedy (Punches and Hugs). This group, another of my favorite local bands, is playing tomorrow in downtown Fort Collins.

9. “White Trash Wedding”- Dixie Chicks (Home)

10. “Need You Tonight”- INXS (Kick)

11. “Tears of Hercules”- Keith Harkin (Keith Harkin). So exciting to finally be able to add songs from Keith’s brand new album to my playlists. This is one of his new songs that is starting to edge its way to the top of my favorites list.

12. “The Wind That Shakes the Corn”- The Irish Rovers (The Unicorn). My favorite song from when I was in middle school, still one of my favorites.

13. “The Lady in Red”- Chris DeBurgh (Into the Light)

14. “Were You There”- Grant Lee Buffalo (Storm Hymnal: Gems from the Vaults of Grant Lee Buffalo)

15. “Unforgettable”- Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole (The Unforgettable Nat King Cole)

16. “Seal Lullaby”- Shawn Colvin (Holiday Songs and Lullabies). We sang this song this past spring, but an arrangement for women’s choir by Eric Whitacre.

17. “Lemon Meringue”- Poe (Haunted)

18. “Heart of Stone”- Cher (Chronicles)

19. “Don’t Leave Me [Ne Me Quitte Pas]”- Regina Spektor (What We Saw From the Cheap Seats)

20. “To Make Her Love Me”- Rascal Flatts (Me and My Gang)

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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