Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: September 14

Only four more days till Keith Harkin‘s debut album is released in the US, and even though the summer music festival season has started to wind down in Fort Collins, there are still some great line-ups on the downtown open-air stage here every weekend for the rest of this month. Bad Brad and the Fat Cats will be playing on Sunday in Golden, in their final round of competition to win the privilege of representing Colorado in Memphis later this year. Blue Grama, a great bluegrass band I saw/photographed yesterday, will be playing another show in Fort Collins this Saturday.

Most of the other bands I’ve spotlighted on this site are also playing shows around the Fort Collins region in the next few days as well, and now the the students are all back, the indoor venues are gearing up for the fall/winter season, when there are more people in town to enjoy all the great indoor venues around town. In the meantime, I am always combing through the music I’ve continued collecting in my spotify lists, and this week’s list represents yet another small sample of the great music available free on spotify. I own a few of the albums represented on this list, and the rest are on my wish list for once I have enough income to have an entertainment budget again. As always, Happy Listening!

The List:

1. “Follow Me Up to Carlow”- Young Dubliners (With All Due Respect- The Irish Sessions)
2. “Why for Here [featuring You Me & Apollo and Becky Raab]”- Catch Bees (Newman’s Open Choir)
3. “I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts”- Danny Kaye (Memories)
4. “Birds”- Christopher Jak (Folk EP)
5. “Bantry Girls Lament”- Eddi Reader, Eleanor Shanley (A Touch of Ireland- Cherished Irish Folk Songs)
6. “Love Thee Dearest”- Celtic Thunder, Paul Byrom (Act II)
7. “The North Wind”- Hanne Hukkelberg (Rykestrasse 68)
8. “The Village That They Call ‘The Moy'”- Ryan Kelly (In Time)
9. “Jenny”- Mark Eitzel (The Ugly American)
10. “All For Love- The Three Musketeers/ Soundtrack Version”- Bryan Adams, Sting, Rod Stewart (The Best of Me)
11. “Strawberry Wine”- Deana Carter (The Deana Carter Collection)
12. “Some Say the Devil Is Dead”- Derek Warfield (A Nation Once Again)
13. “Seoithin Seo”- Patricia Clark (The Lark’s March)
14. “Paper Airplane”- Rosie Thomas (Paper Airplane)
15. “O Magnum Mysterium- Composer’s arrangement for solo voice and piano”- Jane Thorngren, Morten Lauridsen (Lauridsen: Northwest Journey)
16. “Don’t Stop Me Now”- Queen (Jazz)
17. “It’s Probably Me”- Sting (25 Years)
18. “Turpentine”- Brandi Carlile (The Story)
19. “Us Folk”- Fiach (So I)
20. “Midnight Bottle”- Colbie Caillat (Coco)

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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