Waiting for Keith Harkin’s New CD

Thankfully, Keith and his team of promoters, marketers and general supporters have not left us fans completely without new Keith Harkin tunes during the weeks between Mr. Harkin’s CD release in Canada and its release in the US. Considering that the US and Canada are neighbors, it seems an odd idea to not just release his album on the same day in both locations, but I am guessing maybe the earlier date in Canada is to take advantage of the Celtic Thunder tour already under way in Canada. In the meantime, Keith has posted a complicated facebook graphic thingy with the video for his first single from his album, “Don’t Forget About Me”.

Also included on the complicated graphics thingy is a neat photo album where fans’ photos that are submitted via twitter and instagram appear. As Keith’s popularity grows and he starts amassing a fan-base separate from Celtic Thunder, it will be increasingly difficult for his original fans to feel appreciated without some sort of recognition on his part of those fans who were with him before his solo CD came out. Things like this photo collection, and using facebook to let existing fans see his video first are great steps towards keeping Keith’s existing fans happy as he starts on his way towards being more famous and less accessible.

There are always trade-offs in everything, and while I am sure Keith will enjoy his well-deserved attention and popularity as one of David Foster’s stars, it was nice having him as the sort of artist who only has a few thousand fans, period- few enough to be more personally involved with his more active fans. Whatever happens down the road, whether he becomes a singing sensation bigger than Josh Groban ever was, or whether Keith’s album fades into obscurity and he resumes his life as just one of the Celtic Thunder singers, he’ll always have at least a core group of loyal fans from his Celtic Thunder years.

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