Nelsen’s Old Time Car Show 2012

Saturday in Fort Collins was the annual Nelsen’s Old Time Car Show, and I was of course there all day, as a volunteer helping register cars for the show all morning, and hanging out at the stage with my camera for the 6 bands performing at the Old Town Square Stage from 11am till 10:30pm. I grew up going to the annual national car shows at the Colorado State Fair Grounds, so I loved seeing all the cars as they paraded through the registration area all morning. Right across from the registration tent was one of the oddest ‘hot-rods’ in the whole show, a rusty-looking clunker with teeth.

Actually, this beast had to be shifted over at some point, while I was watching, and I can attest that it ran quite smoothly, and its very clean shiny tires and headlights are a bit of a giveaway that it is not exactly a current junkyard resident. Actually, when it is driving, this guy raises up high enough to have decent clearance, and when it is parked it gives a great sigh as it settles back down. I would put this car at the top of my wish list, but for the fact that there were lots of Corvettes and MGs at the show, too.

One of my best friends drives one of these lovely sports cars, though his ‘Vette is silver. Seeing a whole block of downtown Fort Collins lined with Corvettes was still fun, though, however often I might see or even ride in one otherwise. For whatever reasons, the people driving Corvettes are rarely as sexy as their cars, but my eyes are usually glued to their cars too long to really pay their drivers much mind. (Actually the guy with the silver ‘Vette isn’t bad-looking, but even so, his car is still sexier.) A whole row of shiny well-tended Corvettes, for a gal like me, is akin to a whole row of swimsuit-clad beauty contestants for many middle-aged men. It was very challenging for me to pull myself away from this part of the car show, but there were well over 200 cars at the show, and thus lots left to see.

All Corvettes are beautiful, but I especially love the 1970’s body- super sleek, fast and curvy. The car show Saturday sported a gorgeous red one, and of course a whole row of other colors and models. My wish list from this weekend includes this red Corvette, for sure. But, it also includes one or all of the MGs that turned up at this event.

My dad had an MG Midget when I was growing up, and I spent part of my childhood covered in grease, helping my dad with that car. I may have strayed a bit away from that early tom-boyishness, but I still love MGs. And, this weekend there was an MG with an Irish license plate, a bonus in my estimation. I know it would be a very inconvenient car for carrying lots of stuff, and MG seats tend to be set very low, so that someone 5′ tall, like me, could not see out without putting inauthentic seats in instead, but that’s do-able.

The car show was great, and I met a lot of really friendly, interesting people while working the registration desk. But, I chose the morning volunteer shift because I was excited to be downtown with my camera for the mini-festival, 6 bands ranging in style through country, blues, and rockabilly. I took ~230 usable photos, and stayed at the stage for almost the entirety of the day’s music, so the next few posts will show off some of the great Nelsen Old Time Car Show music lineup.

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2 Responses to Nelsen’s Old Time Car Show 2012

  1. Ravenmount says:

    Yeah, it was a lot of work, but well worth it.

  2. Leisa says:

    Being in the registry spot on car shows must have been really exhausting, but a lot of fun. Not only did you get to witness the amazing and extraordinary cars that were showcased in the event, but you were also able to make friends and meet a lot of people. =)Leisa Dreps

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