Cobra Starship at CSU, September 15th

CobraStarship joined by BreatheCarolina will be performing on the Intramural Fields at 6:30p.m. on 9/15/12! If you like Aqua, NSYNC, 80’s pop classics, recent R&B/pop crossover music … you might like Cobra Starship. Maybe not enough to buy an album, but for $10 (CSU students, faculty and staff) or $22 (general admission) folks in the Fort Collins area can see what will probably be a pretty decent concert by a current Top 40 band, sponsored by CSU’s ASAP, a student group. While I had never heard of them before, and had never heard any of their songs until I looked them up on spotify today, My sister says she’s heard them on the radio plenty, and two of my music-savvy friends who are more into mainstream music have actually ‘liked’ them on facebook, a good sign.

As mentioned on the front page of the Collegian, the CSU student newspaper, ASAP has once again planned a concert for the CSU community that will not only not raise funds for CSU, but will in fact lose CSU at least $62,000. But this is not so much a reflection on the bands involved as it is a warning to all of us who would like to get into music event planning, that careful planning and accounting are at least as important as finding the right great acts for the stage. Cobra Starship is certainly a more inclusive act than a lot of the hip-hop groups ASAP has brought in for CSU’s fall concert in the past, and ought to draw a wider audience than it has so far.

I am really not a fan of the synth-heavy tunes and crass lyrics that Cobra Starship seems to go for, so unless I lose my sanity and am seduced by the lure of taking more concert photos, I will probably not be attending this one. (I still have no income, and am still not keen on spending money to see concerts when I could be busy enough writing about free ones. There will be a dy, soon I hope, when I will have an income again and can afford to spend money on shows I am less than excited about.) I’ll actually have several acts to write about from this coming weekend, and more later this month, even without this CSU show, and it really is hard to write nicely about music acts one is not really into. But, I could see a lot of my friends really enjoying the Cobra Starship concert, and I suspect that with slightly different promo strategies this show would have already sold out by now. (And, yes, tickets are still available, a lot of ’em.)

I am actually hoping to find out more about the reasons why this student group’s events consistently lose money, because as many famous people have pointed out, we learn more from mistakes than from successes. I have an event (maybe several) coming up which will hopefully include a concert stage, school outreach activities and perhaps a public art project, and as a newbie planner I am sure there will be things I and my team will wish we had known, after the event is all over, no matter what. But, by looking at what went wrong for ASAP, perhaps we can at least not be in the red when we come out the other end.

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