Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: August 24

A few old favorites, as always- Nickle Creek’s Reasons Why has been one of my favorite albums for years, and Celtic Thunder’s rendition of “Amazing Grace”, featuring Ryan Kelly and Keith Harkin for the first few bars, is my absolute favorite Celtic Thunder recording. The Brandi Carlile song is one an old roommate introduced me to, and the Bodega song is one I learned from an old boyfriend, though from a different band’s recording. Mixed in with these are quite a few new tunes. Brother is a band one of my classmates suggested, and Bon Iver is one of the bands I’ve heard mentioned a lot, including recently from the Celtic Thunder guys, but who I’d never actually heard before. Hope you enjoy this mix of great songs, and all the ones from past weeks. As always, if you have suggestions please send them my way. And, as always, all these songs are available to listen to free on spotify, so you can check them out there before shelling out any dough. Happy Listening!

The List:

1. “Mr. Blue Sky”- Electric Light Orchestra (Afterglow)
2. “The Story”- Brandi Carlile (The Story)
3. “Man of a Thousand Faces”- Regina Spektor (Far)
4. “He’s Gone Away”- Kitty White (Newborn)
5. “Holocene”- Bon Iver (Bon Iver)
6. “Hotel Mirador”- Guillaume Cantillon (Des Ballons Rouges)
7. “Cartoon Heroes”- Aqua (Aquarius)
8. “Sleepers”- Ross Crean (Lovers and Other Kinds of Monsters)
9. “Amazing Grace”- Celtic Thunder (It’s Entertainment)
10. “Ring Around the Moon”- Elephant Revival (Elephant Revival)
11. “Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)”- Steve Balsamo (Jesus Christ Superstar)
12. “Tuirse Mo Chroi”- Barry Kerr (The Three Sisters)
13. “Maid of Culmore”- Rising Appalachia (Leah and Chloe)
14. “Hey Young London”- Bananarama (Deep Sea Skiving)
15. “White Lies”- Paolo Nutini (These Streets)
16. “A Thousand Ways”- Brother (Out From Under)
17. “Wagon Wheel”- Bodega (Bodega)
18. “I Won’t Let Go”- Rascal Flatts (Nothing Like This)
19. “The Lower Road”- Thea Gilmore (Liejacker)
20. “Out of the Woods”- Nickle Creek (Reasons Why (The Very Best))

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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