Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: August 3

A new set of 20 great songs for the week. Yep, there’s a Paolo Nutini tune in here, plus a few from the Celtic Thunder ‘lads’, of course, but this week’s list has a few more ‘discovery’ tracks, songs I listened to for the first time this past week, in some cases by artists I’d never heard of or who I’d never really gotten around to before this week. I particularly like Peter Corry’s voice in his cover of “If You Leave Me Now”, and Sandra McCracken’s take on “Where Do You Go To My Lovely”, while different from Keith Harkin’s, is just about as good (though for my taste, Keith is still sexier). I also included a few tunes by artists I am quite familiar with, but whose lovely voices always surprise me after I’ve been away from them awhile. I’ve overcome my laziness and typed in the album titles too this week, for the albums from which the spotify tracks were gathered.

The List:

1. “A Bird Without Wings”- Celtic Thunder (Act II)
2. “Where Do You Go To My Lovely”- Sandra McCracken (Best Laid Plans)
3. “A Poem on the Underground Wall”- Simon & Garfunkel (The Columbia Studio Recordings (1964-1970))
4. “Come Away With Me”- Norah Jones (Come Away With Me)
5. “A New Day Has Come”- Celine Dion (The Essential Celine Dion)
6. “A Little Bit of Green”- Elvis Presley (From Nashville to Memphis)
7. “Summertime”- Kenny Chesney (Greatest Hits II)
8. “If You Leave Me Now”- Peter Corry (The Heart Goes On)
9. “If I Walk Away”- Josh Groban (Illuminations)
10. “Caccini: Ave Maria”- Katherine Jenkins (Katherine Jenkins/ Premiere)
11. “Change is Gonna Come”- Ben Sollee (Learning to Bend)
12. “She’s Out of My Life- Demo”- Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson’s This Is It)
13. “99 Luftballons”- Nena (NENA)
14. “Myfanwy”- Rhydian (O Fortuna)
15. “Lezione Di Musica”- Hayley Westenra (Paradiso)
16. “Fare Thee Well Love”- Tommy Fleming, Eleanor Shanley (The Platinum Collection)
17. “Weary of the Moon”- Brooks Williams (Skiffle-bop)
18. “Lagan Love”- Celtic Thunder (Storm)
19. “A Lie is a Lie- Slow Down”- Paper Bird (Thaumatrope)
20. “Keep Rolling”- Paolo Nutini (Sunny Side-Up)

Happy Listening! (And, if you wish to suggest bands/artists for me to consider for my list, or shows in Fort Collins I ought to see and blog about, feel free to send me a comment or message here, via twitter or on tumblr. This is strictly a hobby project until my masters thesis is done and defended, but I am always happy to discover great new tunes I enjoy and blog about them.)

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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