Weekly 20 Songs PlayList: July 13

I keep trying new strategies to avoid falling into ruts of listening only to very limited sets of tunes over and over again. From month to month the songs I get stuck on vary, so that some months I almost only ever listen to old songs from my childhood, mostly 80’s rock and 90’s rock/pop classics. Other months I shift back into the modern country tunes I got into while I was living in Elbert and Seattle a few years ago. In between I get back to Celtic Thunder, Rhydian, and my growing and somewhat comprehensive collection of Irish and Scottish songs on spotify, a playlist which is over a week long already. I will never have time to listen to all the great music I would enjoy, but I will never hear all the music I have put in my playlists if I keep listening to the same few tracks over and over again. And, after a while, in any of my monostylistic kicks I get to where all the songs run together and get rather irritating. Too much of any one style or category of music gets old, and I wind up just listening to the handful of songs I cannot find irritating, like the Celtic Thunder recording of “Amazing Grace”, or Katherine Jenkins’ recording of “I Will Pray for You.”

Always at this point I read something or talk to someone and am suddenly reminded of some song I had forgotten existed, and my listening patterns shift again. No doubt this will always be somewhat my habit, but I am trying a new experiment to see if I can keep a broader range of tunes current in my head. Every week, for a while anyway, I figure I’ll put together a list of 20 songs, on spotify initially, that span a reasonably broad range of music, all songs and recordings I really really like. And, in part for my own record-keeping so I don’t repeat any of them from one week to the next, I’ll post the list here on my blog.

So, without further ado, here’s the first set:

20 Songs for the week of July 13, 2012

1. “Wind and Rain”- Julie Fowlis (with Eddi Reader), from Uam

2. “My Little Grass Shack”- The King Sisters, from Imagination- The Blend and the Elegance

3. “The Hills of Ardmorn”- The Corries, from Lads Among the Heather

4. “Mambo Italiano”- Patrizio Buanne, from Patrizio

5. “Silencio”- Nelly Furtado (with Josh Groban), from Mi Plan

6. “Mamie Ma Belle”- Guillaume Cantillon, from Des Ballons Rouges

7. “The Weaver and the Factory Maid”- Steeleye Span, from A Parcel of Steeleye Span

8. “I Won’t Let You Walk This Road Alone”- Rhydian, from O Fortuna

9. “Homeless”- Ladysmith Black Mambazo, from The Essential South African Trip

10. “Volare”- Gypsy Wanderers, from Gypsy Kings and Gypsy Queens: The New Collection

11. “Song for the Mira”- Celtic Thunder, from Voyage

12. “I Will Pray for You”- Katherine Jenkins, from Rejoice

13. “Neon Moon”- Brooks and Dunn, from #1s … and Then Some

14. “Sonny”- Hayley Westenra, from Celtic Treasures

15. “Step It Out Mary”- The High Kings, from Memory Lane

16. “Rio Serenade”- Paul Byrom, from This is the Moment

17. “Emily”- Ryan Kelly, from In Time

18. “Truador”- Neil Byrne, from Sensitive Souls

19. “Rosie”- Young Dubliners, from St. Patrick’s Day Party Jam!

20. “Nine Pound Hammer”- Bill Monroe, from All the Classic Releases 1937-1949

All of these songs are available to listen to free on spotify, and I can say for certain that most of these albums are well worth buying. I own CDs of 11 of these and have enjoyed most of the songs on all the rest of these albums via spotify. So they are all recommended. (I stopped buying CDs when I realized my one remaining CD playing device was starting to wear out, so I have not yet bought all the albums from this list. I am sure I’ll be back to buying more music again soon, after I decide whether I am buying a new CD/DVD player soon. I only own a few dozen DVDs, and actually until quite recently Sally Sparrow, the Dr. Who character owned more DVDs than I did. But, those I own I watch constantly till they wear out. So, when I go into withdrawal from those shows, or from my CD collection I’ll be electronics shopping for sure.)

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