Happy 4th of July!!!!

[Right now the atmosphere on tumblr is still the social media equivalent to all the fans jumping up and down with glee and grateful relief, so this post gets to live here instead, rather than interrupt that gleeful merriment. Again, deepest apologies to anyone stumbling across this blog who would rather just read more ‘serious’ stuff.]

Remarkably, I am actually not starting out the 4th by hunting pictures of candles and trying to decide what to say about Ryan being absent still. I was already dreading writing tonight’s candle post, days ago, in part because it would be a lousy way to start a holiday, and more because it would be the start of a whole second month since his accident. I am sure Ryan’s plans are not built in any way around me, but his timing could not have been more perfect for me. His tweet came a few minutes before midnight, my time, so that I started out the 4th with his message, and I had not yet begun the night’s candle post, so it need not ever be written.

I am very glad that June 2012 is over, and that with the new month we are getting Ryan back. I had thought May went so slowly, and was so surprised near the end of May when I realized that summer had not even started yet for everyone else. I got a lot done in May, and was starting to focus in on my thesis work when June 3rd rolled around. The rest of June has been just one long blur. I read 16 books, started a few new subblogs on my tumblr, and wrote a lot. So, June has been productive enough, really, and good things have happened. Indeed, because of Ryan’s accident, I actually have met some new friends online with whom I can share my enjoyment of Celtic Thunder, and I am an active part of the tumblr Celtic Thunder community, which might never have happened otherwise. And, while I am still rusty and need lots more practice, I have more fully experienced ‘my vocation’ as a writer, through trying to articulate feelings and ideas that made it into my candle posts and elsewhere.

But, I would rather not spend the rest of my life polishing my ability to write about my everlasting love of a singer I am not likely to ever really know. I could see how those feelings could work themselves into short stories off and on for the rest of my life, certainly, but I’ll never pay my rent by getting stuck just in that vein. Somehow this summer a 90pg masters thesis has to finish itself with my generous assistance, so I can defend my thesis- hopefully not the same week as the Denver Celtic Thunder show. That would be a really crazy roller-coaster week- and so I can graduate and maybe actually find a job that will allow me to finally live in Great Britain or Ireland for a while.

In the meantime, there are 7 straight hours of free live music in the afternoon at the park, and I intend to spend the majority of those 7 hours in the park (jazz, big band, 80’s cover band, and orchestra), with my books, notepad, camera, and plenty of soda and sunblock. Since it is ~1:30am now, if I get to sleep now, I could even practice with my bodhran in the morning before the shows start.

Happy 4th of July, everybody!!!!!!!

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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