Americans "occupying" abandoned houses :)

While the moral issues of property ownership and self-sufficiency which Objectivism champions are a bit conflicted here, I think overall these people have the right idea. So long as banks are supported by the government using tax-payers’ money, they can hardly have a moral claim to holding so many hundreds of thousands of unoccupied homes. In addition, the benefits to the communities where these houses are far outweigh the costs. Banks either cannot or will not take care of these properties as responsible homeowners, and by preventing real occupants from taking care of these homes, banks contribute to the steady decline of communities and community values. There ought to be ways for the government and/or the banks to get onboard with these movements to sanction the upkeep of bank-owned properties by formerly homeless people. After all, the labor and care necessary to be responsible homeowners would otherwise need to be provided by hired help if the banks were to actually keep these properties from becoming uninhabitable or havens for criminals and druggies. The costs to society of having all these homeless people relying solely on government services, which have obviously already proved insufficient for many of them, also would be offset by these people occupying bank-owned houses. With a real address, these people can apply for work, and can come up with entrepreneurial solutions to begin making money again, without the threats of life on the streets. As a person who has only managed not to be homeless on the streets by having some really great friends, I can see how just having a house to live in would make a huge difference in helping these people become successful again. The gripping fear and uncertainty underlying my pending graduation- how to find a job and avoid homelessness once school is over again- certainly makes it harder to really excel in anything. Without a stable foundation of some sort, the stress and complications of building a successful life can be quite debilitating. So for all those folks who are participating in these occupy movements, perhaps these houses can be a foundation for something greater.

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